Burnout and I

6 ways to reduce burnout in residency

Based on the stream of articles and essays, many of us experience burnout at some point. In my personal experience, burnout gradually deranged my emotions and wreaked havoc on my mental clarity throughout residency. Over the first three years of residency, my empathy waned. Residency became what I told myself it could never be: brutal work instead of a calling. 

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The Same Humankind

Abraham Verghese on Paracelsus and Humanity

“This is a quote that hangs in my bedroom. It is by Paracelsus, a very interesting person. His full name was Wilhelm Paracelsus Bombastus. In fact, the word ‘bombastic’ comes from Paracelsus. He was a larger-than-life character, and he thought that no one else, including Celsus, knew what was going on. “Incredibly, he was also very focused on the patient/physician relationship in a way that…

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A Tale of Two Surgeons

creating the patient-surgeon partnership

Like many doctors, I rarely spend time as a patient. I need frequent reminders about the vast difference between wearing the gown and donning the white coat. I recently spoke with a friend in her mid 40s who scheduled a breast reduction. She has wanted a reduction for the last 20 years, and finally reached a place in life when it was time. Her breast…

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