The Perils of Dating In Medicine

Why I'm Single?


”Looking forward to meeting you tonight! I hope you’re having a great day!.”


 “I’m done at work – I’m going to go home and change. 8:30 at [redacted] still work for you?”


 “Ya, that will work perfect.”


 “I am so so so sorry – I just heard from the ER and I might have to do surgery on somebody. I’m going to the ER right now. I’d hate for you to get to [redacted] and wait. This is not me blowing you off, though I know it probably sounds like it. Any chance we could try for tomorrow?”


“It’s no big deal… BTW if you ever did want to blow someone off, you literally have the best excuse.”

And the worst part is:

I had emergency cases two nights in a row and had to cancel plans twice with the same guy, before leaving town for a week.

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