Knife with Peach "I have found that meditation at the edge of the knife makes everything seem better." Ruth Reichl, Garlic and Sapphires (she refers to cooking, but I think it applies to surgery also)

Au Revoir

back to real life

I’m sad to leave my family and the island! Back to work on Monday, with a day to settle in between.

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Let’s Visit a Friend!

(Guest Post Today)

I just wrote my first guest post over on! Check it out and let me know what you think! You can also follow my friend Sassy on Twitter for lots of brilliant humor: @mcsassymd

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A moment of peace before the world wakes

The house waits, quiet. No alarm sounds to roust me, bleary-eyed and a little reluctant, out of bed. I wake to the Brittany spaniel-golden retriever puppy frantically scratching at her collar while sprawling across my legs. My little sister dozes in the next bed.

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The Doctor Will Date You Now

Why the emphasis on *Single* With Scalpel

Today, I realized I’m not a relationship optimist. My friends (and junior residents) could have told you that, but it really just dawned on me! I go into every first date mentally prepared for it “to come to nothing.” Probably not the best approach, since self-fulfilling prophecies tend to, well, fulfill!

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Brave Beginnings

Who, what, and why

As a stressed out second year medical student, I took an elective that kept me sane. Half creative writing, and half impromptu therapy, the sessions took place one evening per week. I gathered with a group of ten to drink wine and eat snacks from Trader Joe’s, swapping stories and confirming that each of us was dogged by the same sense of “never enough.” After…

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